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Best friends with a common goal

Evalest started as an idea with a strong meaning of unity. This idea insipred the founding of Evalest Ltd, a small and agile software house dedicated to the development of modern software solutions through contract work in the United Kingdom and Greece.

A few years later Evalest’s partner network had grown significantly and we decided to officially join forces with the  top of the cream of our partners to deliver what we all had in common; a strong sense of change and modernization for our clients and customers.

As a result, Evalest is today a means of democratisation of modern technology for startups, small and medium companies in the most efficient and future proof way. As such, we are on a mission to help smaller businesses compete with their industry’s giants through becoming a true tech-partner  that listens and understands their actual needs to create tailor-made solutions that help them achieve greatness.

Currently operating in the United Kingdom and Greece, Evalest is a fast-growing modern software house with a promise of delivering tomorrow’s cutting edge technology solutions, today.

United Kingdom 

& GreeceCombining innovation with high standards

Since ancient times Greece was known as the birthplace of innovation, sciences and pioneering concepts. Eventually, the baton to lead the world in a new era through technological and scientific breakthroughs was passed to the U.K., where quality, professionalism and technology know-how has become a synonym of the country’s market dynamics.

We, at Evalest, combine our creative Greek nature with U.K’s market leading standards and advanced know-how to provide real value to our clients through the most modern, cutting-edge professional solutions.

Our Team

We are a creative team of high-tech experts with international backgrounds.

Stavros Kainich

Founder & CEO

Alex Kainich

Senior FullStack Developer

Panos Pantouveris

Senior FullStack Developer

Panos Lazaridis

Operations & Client Success Manager

Bill Hatzipanos

Business Intelligence Advisor

Nikos Athanasiadis

Mid FullStack Developer

Angelo Harilaou

Junior FullStack Developer


We are always searching for talented individuals that fit our team. Let's discuss.

Our partners

We are a creative team of high-tech experts

Morph Studios

Elite graphic design studio

Sofia Kokkinara


Ioanna Filippatou

Graphic Designer


We are always happy to partner with talented freelancers and businesses. Let's discuss.