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With presense in the United Kingdom and Greece, Evalest has over a decade of international web development experience with cutting-edge technologies and techniques.

From idea to reality, we provide the one stop solution for all things web, focusing on professionalism, quality and the most modern technologies available today!


We are using cutting-edge technology and apply the best fit for each client.

Websites & Applications

Websites & Applications

A website is a pathway to the world market. There is no better way to invest on your online image, by creating an online permanent advertisement for your project or organisation.

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Take your business to the next level and become part of the phenomenon of online shopping. We love working on e-commerce projects, promoting retail, B2B and auction products and businesses.

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Mobile apps

Mobile apps

Mobile applications are integrated in our everyday life and also offer more interactivity. We can help you improve the visibility of your brand, by implementing Progressive Web App technology for cross device and cross platform reach.

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Custom solutions

Custom Solutions

We develop custom software, tailor made for your needs, eliminating the obligation to change your business procedures to fit standard software products.

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DevOps & Infrastructure

DevOps & Infrastructure

Advanced dev automation techniques, containerized applications, orchestration and CI/CD to make IT teams develop as fast as possible. We work with modern cloud technologies for hosting and Kubernetes.

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Our tech

We are using cutting-edge technology and apply the best fit for each client.

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Why Evalest

A few reasons that place us ahead of the competition:

Cutting Edge​

We are true technology enthusiasts. We continuously explore and expand on new technologies, sectors and ideas staying always cutting-edge.

User friendly

Cutting-edge tech isn't worth it if its hard. That’s why we always automate and package our software for easy use.

Reaching new heights

We don’t re-invent the wheel. We make it better. We build upon state of the art building blocks, reaching new heights.

Fast & Accurate

We prototype fast and develop on rock-solid grounds. Delivering the business value you need and staying open for extension.

Accessible code

Delivering business value shouldn’t imply pain for developers. We produce slick developer experiences to boost your project’s potential.

Speak your language

Experience has tought us how to communicate efficiently with all kinds of people. Tech savvy or not, rest assured your goals are met.

A message from us

Panagiotis Pantouveris 

Lead engineer 

Stavros Kainich 

Founder & CEO 

Panos Lazaridis 


For very long we have witnessed companies worldwide struggling to achieve their goals. We have gathered this experience and turned it into something more businesses can benefit from. Evalest is our combined efforts to make web technology accessible turning any web idea into reality, with profesionalism and efficiency while enabling a brighter future.

The era of traditional generic web services is over and this is our promise to you that we, personally, will be the ones to make sure your project is successfull.

Our services will always have our personal character and reliability.

Contact us

Feel free to email us for any query. We are always happy to solve any questions you might have.